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Exploring the ‘Office of the Future’

A national architecture, interior design and planning firm with a tagline of ‘design for a changing world’ has since its inception placed inventiveness and innovation at the firm’s core as design solutions are created for clients. Now, the principals of the firm wanted to ensure they were addressing all elements ‘inside’ of the firm with this same future-oriented design ethos.

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Delivering Results through Employee Engagement

The leadership of a division of a professional services firm had their sights on being recognized as one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ knowing how significant this designation can be on the long-term health and success of the business. Their first step was to call this out; their next step was to make it happen.

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Getting the Word Out for Students

The Superintendent and his leadership team of a Catholic schools system continuously look for ways to expand support and service to the schools within their Diocese. Their desire was to have a well thought-out plan to regularly communicate information about certain areas to key audiences with the goals of increasing student retention, attracting new students, improving student outcomes and enhancing the educational experience.

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Energizing a National Nonprofit for its Next Chapter

An organization operating through regional chapters across a national footprint had a legacy governance structure which included multiple boards of directors serving a variety of interests at either a regional or national level. While the organization had been pursuing a growth strategy for years, the bureaucracy inherent in this outdated structure hamstrung its efforts to implement or drive meaningful growth consistently across its entire footprint. When a number of new opportunities were missed to partner with funders who had philanthropic goals aligned with its mission and impact objectives that reached across its national footprint, the organization knew it was time for change.

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