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Exploring the ‘Office of the Future’


A national architecture, interior design and planning firm with a tagline of ‘design for a changing world’ has since its inception placed inventiveness and innovation at the firm’s core as design solutions are created for clients. Now, the principals of the firm wanted to ensure they were addressing all elements ‘inside’ of the firm with this same future-oriented design ethos.

And they had been discussing the ‘bigger’ question: What should we be thinking about as our firm plans for future years? How should we be envisioning the ‘Office of the Future’ for our own firm? What insights do we have – do we need – to the changing dynamics of how we manage our business, how we work together, how we strengthen our value to clients? What insights will have implications for us, and how will these implications affect our plans for the future? What will make us a better firm…and make us the kind of firm we want to be three to five years from now?


KAMDEN Strategy Group teamed with a steering committee of key principals of the firm on an initiative to


"When we asked our greatest resource – our people – for their input about our Office of the Future, the facilitation and analysis led by Claire and her associates gave us thoughtful and articulate opinions, visions and provocative ideas that we continue to capitalize on as our firm expands nationally."

-Peter Noone