Kamden Strategy Group

KAMDEN Strategy Group

Setting dynamic strategy, clarifying
goals, framing decisions

  • Facilitating strategic thinking & planning through our consulting work
  • Providing ‘arms and legs’ to execute through our contracting work
  • Integrating strategic priorities with operational planning for well-informed decision making
  • Creating scalable and sustainable plans to drive transformative growth


We provide strategic and enterprise planning resources to business owners, CEOs, and executive leadership teams of small businesses, family businesses and middle market companies.

  • Designing and facilitating strategic planning retreats for executive leadership teams
  • Developing recurring revenue, diversified funding and prioritization models
  • Planning and facilitating Board of Directors retreats
  • Increasing board engagement and driving strategic priorities of the board


High-performing NPOs recognize the powerful force of good governance and clear strategic direction. We help advance both for national, regional and local NPOs, associations and foundations.

“Just when I knew all the answers, they changed all the questions.” Anonymous



Claire Gregoire, founder

20 years in 2020 and dedicated to the same purpose as in the beginning: We help client organizations—and the people are who part of these organizations—thrive and prosper.

At KAMDEN Strategy Group, our belief continues to be when we can help you create value for your organization, deliver value to your constituents, and be positioned to do great things, we are all spending our talent and energies doing something that matters.

I founded KAMDEN Strategy Group after a 22-year corporate career where I saw first-hand how small and mid-sized businesses had a thirst for a consultative approach to solving business issues. Often, they weren’t sure how or were simply reticent to bring this discipline into their organizations in a meaningful way.

My focus is clear and simple: Arm your leadership with strategic thinking and planning resources to help you catalyze and drive growth.

Our purpose for serving you remains the same. What has evolved is the market we serve, which has expanded over the past 20 years to middle-market companies, and to national, regional and local nonprofit organizations.

Call us for a “win-win.” Achieve your goals with a thoughtfully designed plan rather than relying on good luck, and we’ll fulfill our purpose.

With gratitude for all we’ve accomplished together,

  • Is your organization clear on your goals and strategies? Are you?
  • Are your leadership and operating principles aligned with your strategic priorities?
  • Do you know how to win in today’s environment?
  • Do you AND your staff know when to say “yes” to new opportunities?
  • Do you know if you are succeeding on your terms?