Playing the Match Game...with manufacturing

A Midwest manufacturing company wanted to expand business and revenues through working with strategic partners. But they didnít know how to go about finding the right organizations for the best fit. The right companies would mean great success. But the wrong relationships would be costly in so many ways.

It was obvious: they needed to commit to a plan and a new direction.

Enter KAMDEN Strategy Group.

Strategy and Implementation
We started by helping the company articulate what they wanted to accomplish from these partnerships. This included taking a textbook approach (literally) on how to get this kind of arrangement right, what each organization needed to bring to the table and what outcomes would be considered optimal.

Next, we helped develop the process for seeking out and responding to RFP’s for strategic partners.

Finally, we helped critique the initial RFP outcomes to improve the process for the future.

When a particular RFP didn’t work out, we didn’t let it drop. In our role as advisor, we were able to start conversations and then set up a meeting with one RFP company that had chosen another supplier. The initial goal of that meeting was to just learn for the future. And there was much to be learned.

But along the way something else occurred. Our client and the RFP company found they had more in common than not and there were, indeed, possibilities for partnering together in the future. A new door was opened.

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