BUSINESS PLANNING Providing a blueprint for your company and a roadmap for your growth

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Business Planning is a process and discipline that will become an integral part of the way you do business and lead your company. Thinking strategically about your business will naturally become integrated with your planning efforts. Business planning will help you gain focus and clear direction. You will be positioned to react more quickly to challenges and capitalize on opportunities because you will know what you want to do. You will make better decisions because you will know what you want to become.

Tailored to address your immediate business concerns, the particular elements of your overall plan that need more focus, or to update your current plans, you direct your business planning process.

Business Planning Services

A formal Business Plan document may be needed by your company to use internally to provide direction to your management and employees, or to use externally to present to potential lenders and investors when seeking more capital for your business. Whether or not you choose to create a formal document, high-performing companies will always have a business planning process and discipline as an integral part of the way the business is managed.

Tap into the Business Planning Services offered by KAMDEN Strategy Group to help you complete a business plan, and more importantly to bring a business planning process and discipline into your company.

  • Business Plan Documents
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Sensitivity Modeling
  • Pro forma Financial Statements
  • Sources and Uses of Cash
  • Business Management Processes
  • Performance Monitoring and Measurement Tools
    • Scorecards
    • Dashboards
    • Budgets
    • Forecasts
  • Sales Plans
  • Operating Plans
  • Compensation and Incentive Plans

Need more? Not quite sure where you are ultimately heading? Need more long-range thinking before you will be ready to create plans for today?

Refine your long-term vision for your company. Know where you stand among your peers, and more importantly how you stand out in the eyes of your customers. Create high-level marketing, financial and other key strategies. Our Business Strategy Services bring professional resources to guide you through this process. Consulting roles can range from being the facilitator and project manager to conducting market research and completing financial analyses.

What happens after I formulate my plan?

Communication and Implementation are as critical to your planning process as writing the plan itself. KAMDEN Strategy Group is available to assist you with Business Advisory Services to address these phases as needed.

  • The Communication phase involves developing plans to deliver your story to your key audiences, and managing the roll-out of your communications plan.

  • The Implementation phase puts each of your plans into action. We assist in the oversight, development of timelines and project management to ensure each of your plans does get implemented. We also work with you to establish and implement management systems and processes to monitor progress, identify outcomes and measure results.

We will also serve as your Chief Business Advisor to help bring your strategy to life and to be your advocate when needed. Additional Business Advisory Services are available:

  • Functioning as an outsourced Corporate Strategy Department for your company;
  • Guiding the transition after mergers, acquisitions or other significant business changes;
  • Offering group seminars and educational sessions focused on various aspects of running and managing your business.

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