Our Team
KAMDEN Strategy Group is led by Claire Gregoire, whose more than 25 years of business experience sets the bar high for accomplishment and achievement. Under Claire’s guidance, we function as a senior-level consortium. That means three things for our clients:

  1. You get the same (or better) level of experience and thinking that is offered through very large firms – without having to pay for overhead and non-billable hours.
  2. We have strategic alliances and partnerships in place to provide you with the right resources and capacity, when needed.
  3. Because our group is led by a CEO and business owner, you get the added benefit of working with an entire team that understands and shares your challenges and perspectives.
Our intuitive strengths and keen understanding of business combine to bring our clients world-class solutions. Our clients tell us we them bring focus, energy and accountability. Those things, combined with best practices and new thinking, translate to the power of planning, allowing you to achieve your goals by design rather than by default.

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