Our Services
As a management consulting firm, KAMDEN Strategy Group provides CEOs and key executives like you with business strategy, business planning and business advisory services. Through our approach of integrating strategic thinking with your planning and growth needs, we can provide you with a self-sustaining process for the life of your business instead of a band-aid approach for a one-time project -- often outdated before the implementation is complete.

The scope of our work together will be based on your needs and may include:

Focusing On Strategy

  • Facilitating strategic visioning sessions
  • Assessing business model viability
  • Creating roadmaps for profitable, sustainable growth and revenue
  • Monitoring and re-focusing existing strategic plans
  • Translating wants and needs into actionable, achievable goals

Focusing On Planning

  • Converting broad plans into specific, measurable operating initiatives
  • Facilitating creation of an overall business plan
  • Assisting in development of plans for new products or new markets
  • Conducting feasibility studies for critical decision making
  • Building sensitivity models to quickly assess changes in price, sales volume or key costs
  • Implementing processes for budgeting and monitoring revenue, expenses and cash flow
  • Establishing tools to measure your results

Serving As Your Chief Business Advisor

  • Guiding the transition from mergers, acquisitions or other significant business changes
  • Assisting you in bringing your strategy to life
  • Serving as your advocate when needed
  • Asking the hard questions
  • Challenging your thinking and accountabilities
  • Crystallizing your overall direction and goals
  • Functioning as your outsourced Strategy Department

We work with a wide range of companies from many industries including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, non-profit, professional services and technology. We’d like to work with you.

To learn more about our specific services and how they might help your organization, check out our various offerings:

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