Investing For Growth...for a non-profit association

A dues-based, not-for-profit professional association wanted to grow both its membership and program offerings. To do that meant they needed the larger presence that comes from a PR endeavor beyond the event announcement and occasional volunteer effort.

Certainly doable – but there was one problem. While some funds existed, there was always a long line of requests for spending. Any extra money was already earmarked. And, bad feelings from a volunteer-led group if “their” program didn’t get funded. The task seemed overwhelming.

Unwilling to face frustration once again, the leadership turned to KAMDEN Strategy Group.

Strategy and Implementation
Working with the entire leadership team, we developed a plan and a process to get them to their goals.

We did several things:

  • We facilitated a means for all leadership to “propose” initiatives they wanted to see the organization take on in the coming year including anticipated, quantifiable outcomes and costs.
  • We created a zero-based budget based on actual cash and income to arrive at real numbers
  • We led the leadership team as it reviewed proposals and prioritized which activities most merited the available funds

As a result of the process, the organization was able to identify the key initiative that would lead the desired path of growth – hiring a PR firm. Looking at the proposals and ranking them by impact made the decision very clear. The association’s direction was clear – because it was born out of facts and focus. They were able to reap the rewards of an investment well – and rightly – made.

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