Integrating New With insurance

When a wholesale insurance operation on the east coast purchased a retail operation in the south, the goal was to blend the new into the old without changing the core of the company. But success would only come if the new company changed how it ran did things.

The new owner desired to stay in the background and not appear to be overbearing. At the same time, he wanted the new company’s leadership to manage their business like he managed his. It was an issue of culture clash.

The KAMDEN Strategy Group was called in to work out the kinks.

Strategy and Implementation
Our marching orders were to not change what the company did but how it functioned. They needed to revamp how they managed the business including:

  • Changing the organizational structure
  • Realigning reporting processes and functions
  • Overhauling the metrics used to measure results

Serving as sounding board and overall advisor for the acquired company’s chief executive, we worked to create an environment for future success.

At the end of nine months, we had transformed the acquired company’s methods as well as successfully framed the new culture for a successful future.

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