Developing Your Business Plan

If creating a formal business plan document is your need, your plan can be completed

  1. by utilizing consulting resources available through KAMDEN Strategy Group,
  2. by your independent work using the aid of our Strategy Direct Business Plan Workbook, or
  3. by using a combination of both.

Phone consultations during the time you are completing each of the segments of your plan are included with the Strategy Direct Business Plan Workbook.

Additional support is also available to supplement your independent efforts. This may involve market research, data collection and analytical work. KAMDEN Strategy Group is available to help you with these additional needs upon your request.

The Strategy Direct Business Plan Workbook

This workbook will guide you through writing a complete business plan for your company in a very user-friendly way. Each section discusses the overall strategy for that particular area (the ‘what’ you plan to do) and the tactical plans (‘how’ you plan to do it).

Executive Summary

Company Description
overall description; legal structure; history of company; ownership structure

Organization and Management Team
governing bodies (Board of Directors, Executive Committee, etc); Advisory Boards; key management; management contracts; management compensation;
general description of organization

Market Analysis
market segmentation; competitive analysis (SWOT); legal and regulatory environment; significant business opportunities

customer profiles; strategies for pricing, products, services, promotion, distribution and positioning; tactical marketing plan; sales strategies

Business Operations
facilities; capacity; production; quality control; daily workflow and processes

Human Resources
overall HR strategy; staffing plan; training plan; compensation and benefits plan; succession plans

overall technology strategy; systems architecture; management information systems; applications; cost implications

overall financial strategy; assumptions; key ratios; operating budgets; pro-forma
financial statements (balance sheet income statement, statement of cash flows)

Capital and Funding Plan
equity funding; debt financing; source and use of funds

Contingency Plans
critical success factors; critical issues; areas of significant risk; contingency plans

Exit Strategy
exit strategies for owners, investors and lenders

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