Our Approach
As a results-driven management consulting firm, KAMDEN Strategy Group provides strategic business planning and advisory services that are:

  • fueled by you and your team
  • designed to help you address your key business issues

We do this by developing a planning process for your business that syncs with your overall business plan and serves as a roadmap for growth and achievement of your goals. This is accomplished only with your ongoing input, assistance and feedback.

Our distinctive approach has two hallmarks – Direction and Decision.


Knowing your end point, we are able to start the journey. We integrate strategic thinking with business planning that begins with understanding your business objectives, critical issues and current business model. Next, with you, we begin to bring solutions to you, including addressing resources and capacity issues as needed. Finally, together, we create a plan you can implement and use to forecast, budget, model, monitor and measure. All this is based on where you want the business to take you.


Ever-mindful that this is your business, we are not a solution looking for a problem. We do not give you cookie-cutter answers to pre-determined questions. We apply our specific methodology to understanding and addressing your key issues and needs. Our work is done with you – our goal is to work with you, your staff and key business advisors – so the work product continues long after we’re gone. We help you face critical issues, respond to challenges and capitalize on opportunities. We help you know what you want to become, enabling you, your management and your employees to make better decisions.

The process is ongoing. It is not a one-time, special event-driven study but something you can internalize and implement. The outcomes are sustainable, dynamic and forward-moving, just like you want your business to be.

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