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Large public corporations often rely on the expertise of outside advisory resources to offer guidance and strategic direction. Business owners and CEO’s can seek out similar resources to help them achieve success by thinking like these large corporations, strengthening knowledge and bringing expertise into their companies to address areas most critical to their businesses. Business advisors provide a wealth of guidance, insight, support, and counsel for executives, during high growth times and during difficult business cycles.

Business Advisory Services

KAMDEN Strategy Group serves as your Chief Business Advisor assisting you in bringing your strategy to life and being your advocate when needed. Services include:

I. Communications

  • Developing plans to deliver your story to your key audiences, which may include internal management, employees, bankers and investors.
  • Meeting with potential customers, employees, investors and lenders.
  • Managing the roll-out of your communications plan.

II. Implementation

  • Putting your plans into action.
  • Assisting with oversight, development of timelines and project management to ensure each of your plans does get implemented. Establishing and implementing management systems and processes to monitor progress, identify outcomes and measure results.
  • Helping drive the on-going issues and initiatives of your company.

III. Retained Business Advisory Services

  • Functioning as an outsourced Corporate Strategy Department for your company. Being a resource to the business owner, CEO, key management to keep strategic thinking and business planning alive within your organization.
  • Helping drive the on-going issues and initiatives of your company.
  • Challenging your thinking and accountabilities.

IV. Transitional Planning and Integration

  • Guiding the transition after mergers, acquisitions or other significant business changes.
  • Putting in place monitoring systems to ensure results are achieved.

V. Group Seminars and Educational Sessions

  • Focus on various aspects of running and managing your business.

Join a group of peers in a business roundtable dynamic to share experiences and gain insights about business performance.

Need more? Supplement your Business Advisory Services with periodic intensified efforts to keep your organization focused, directed and clear about your goals. Keep strategic planning and business planning a dynamic, integral part of the way you do business and lead your company.

Strategic Planning…the blueprint for your company

Refine your long-term vision for your company. Clarify your mission, core values, broad objectives and strategic intents. Know where you stand among your peers, and more importantly how you stand out in the eyes of your customers. Create high-level marketing, financial and other key strategies as determined by your needs. Business Strategy Services available through KAMDEN Strategy Group bring professional resources to guide you through this process. Consulting roles can range from being the facilitator and project manager to conducting market research and completing financial analyses.

Business Planning…the roadmap for your growth

Convert your strategies into tactical plans which can be implemented throughout your company to drive the results you seek. You may need to provide direction to your management and employees, or to present a formal business plan to potential investors or lenders to raise more capital for your business. Tap into the Business Planning Services offered by KAMDEN Strategy Group to help you complete a business plan, and more importantly, to bring a business planning process and discipline into your company.

Included in Business Planning Services:

  • Business Plan Documents
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Sensitivity Modeling
  • Pro forma Financial Statements
  • Sources and Uses of Cash
  • Business Management Processes
  • Performance Monitoring and Measurement Tools
    • Scorecards
    • Dashboards
    • Budgets
    • Forecasts
  • Sales Plans
  • Operating Plans
  • Compensation and Incentive Plans

Our work with our clients is based on their goals and the results they are seeking. If you would like to start a conversation about your needs and how we might help, we would love to listen. We’d like to work with you. Just contact us at 312.951.0360 or

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